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I believe the news is a great way to reach people with important messages about health care and wellbeing. That’s why I give a lot of interviews—television, radio, and print. Below is a list of some of my recent media coverage. If you are ever in need of an investigative medical article or a healthcare spokesperson, feel free to contact me.


Destination Transformation 

(November, 2019)

Dr. G Describes the concept of “transformative travel” as he takes a trip throughout the Colorado Rockies and southern Colorado.

“Did the Crackdown on Opioid Prescriptions Go Too Far? Here’s Why Doctors Are Reconsidering.”

(Indiana Star—June 11, 2019)

How health professionals are balancing their patient’s need for pain solutions against rising opioid addiction numbers.

“U.S. Measles Cases Top 1,000: What You Need to Know” 

(Health News—June 7, 2019)

International cases of measles are coming to the areas of the United States that don’t have good measles resistance.

“What Happens to Your Body When You’re Lonely? How it Can Be Physically Damaging” 

(—June 2019)

75% of Americans suffer from a moderate degree of loneliness, how this loneliness manifests and what to do about it.

Antibiotic resistance to kill more people than cancer

(RT America Network—April 24, 2019)

If our present projection continues, superbugs or multi-resistant organism are projected to kill more people than cancer by the year 2050.

“U.S. Measles Cases Highest This Century: What You Need to Know”

(Healthline—April 24, 2019)

A failure of our herd immunity has led to a new outbreak and what you can do about it.

Medicare for all versus a market approach in National health

(RT America Network—April 12, 2019)

Dr. Flowers and Dr. Gaziano debate on a solution for national healthcare. They debate both “Medicare for all” and a market solution for healthcare.

“The Dark Side of Social Media: How It Affects Self-Esteem”

(The Epoch Times—April 12, 2019)

How social media can isolate us and what we can do about it.

“Alarming Rise in Children Taken to ER with Suicidal Thoughts…”

(Fox News—April 9, 2019) 

What parents and others can do to help a child in trouble.

“Can a 3-Week Juice Cleanse Cause Brain Damage?”

(Shape magazine—April 2, 2019)

 Everyone should be aware of the risks associated with fad diets.

Alex Trabeck diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

(Fox  Channel 5, Washington, DC—March 15, 2019)

 Dr. G describes Alex Trabeck’s challenge with pancreatic cancer and a better understanding of cancer prevention. 

“Let Sleeping Dogs (and Cats) Lie 

(Toronto Sun—March 15, 2019) 

Advice about how both you and your pet can get a good night’s sleep

Second HIV patient fully cured by surgery

(RT America Network—March 7, 2019)

A second HIV patient is cured of HIV after a bone marrow transplant to treat his cancer 

Measles Outbreak in Washington State

(Fox Channel 5, Washington, DC—February, 2019)

Dr. G describes how a break in herd immunity in Washington state as can cause infections as measles to spread across the country .

The Dangers of Vaping

(RT America Network—January 25, 2019)

Dr. G is interviewed about the addictive nature and potential harms of vaping in children.

Israeli Biotech Firm Claims it has the Cure for Cancer

(I24 News—January, 2019)

Research group claimed it has a cure for cancer but analysis has too many red flags.

The Community Builders YouTube show and podcast 

A cohosted show half hour show that seeks to build healthy communities.  

Well Now! TV show

 A half talk show focusing on community health issues hosted by Dr G.

Health & Lifestyles Weekly TV Show 

 Dr G’s health half hour health magazine show that provide tips for healthy living , 34 episodes 

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